Eileen Kross
Ms. Keileen Learning, Inc.
7645 SW 52nd Court
South Miami, FL

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In 1993, Eileen T. Kross was sitting in her new law office, where she was a practicing attorney with a promising future. She recently left big firm life at Holland & Knight to practice in a smaller law firm so that she could have more time with her young son. Even though the smaller firm was generous and flexible with her time, her mind kept wandering to the joys of her previous career as a teacher. The day before, she had attended yet another child's birthday party with her son. She couldn't believe her friends actually paid for people to work with and entertain their children. Connecting with children was natural for her; she decided that her gift for working with kids should no longer be taken for granted. Soon thereafter, she returned full circle to her true love... teaching and working with young children.

Today, she is known by her students as Ms. K or Ms. Eileen*. Ms. K has been blessed with the awareness of what she loves to do, developing children and fostering their passions to learn. She firmly believes in the potential of mankind, particularly of children. Consistent with this belief, Ms. Eileen has a way of pulling capabilities out of children in a way that they absolutely love. Kids work hard with Ms. K, but they have a blast doing so.

*Hence, the name Ms. Keileen Learning, Inc.